Sunday, 12 May 2019

Arun Conservative Group elects a new leader

The Arun Conservative group has moved 
quickly to elect a new leader after the recent 
local elections. Terry Chapman (East Preston 
ward) was elected the new leader with Mike 
Clayden remaining as Deputy Leader. Arun 
District is now a Council with no overall 
control, the Lib Dems hold 22 seats, Conservative  
Party 21, Independents 8,Green party 2 and the 
Labour party 1.

Terry Chapman Commented  “ Whilst we were 
disappointed at the recent results,we fully 
understand why this happened and are committed 
to holding any new administration to account”  
“Our mission is to work hard for residents and 
represent their concerns, We have left Arun in a 
strong financial position and will continue to 
scrutinise any decisions that might threaten that”

Terry Chapman.

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