Thursday, 23 May 2019

Aruns Conservative Group won the popular vote

At the Annual Council meeting of Arun
District the Arun Conservative group set 
out its priorities for the forthcoming year.

The Conservatives are keeping faith with 
the 35,361 people who voted for them in 
the local elections, 10,000 more votes 
than the Liberal Democrats and more than 
25,000 votes above the Independent candidates 
who stood on diverse manifestos.

In the Annual Council they re-affirmed their 
manifesto pledges which include;

1 Provision of Local Homes for Local people, 
particularly young people from the District

2)  Continuing to create local employment 
opportunities so that the sons and daughters of 
Arun can live, work and thrive in this beautiful 
part of the Country close to their families and 
friends. This will be aided by the new Arun 
business hub, created under the previous 
Conservative led Council, which is already 
giving support to 200 local businesses.

3) Working to ensure that prudent financial 
management continues under the 
Liberal Democrat/Independent coalition 
to make sure that Taxpayers hard earned money 
is protected. Currently the Arun share of Council 
tax is only £3.50 per week. If the Council’s 
carefully husbanded reserves are squandered 
on ill thought out schemes the result will be 
above inflation rises in Council Tax.

4) Maintain the weekly refuse collections and 
 ensure the Council continues to improve its 
recycling performance and thus protect the 
local environment.

5) Ensure Parks and Green Spaces are protected 
and maintained. Additionally to continue to work 
with partners, such as the Arun Biodiversity 
Forum with whom !,000 broadleaf trees have 
been planted.

6) Protect and support the Local Plan to ensure 
there is no opportunistic building by developers. 
If the Local plan is opened then it will result 
in more, not less, housebuilding putting the 
Districts green fields under more threat.

Terry Chapman commented ,” The Lib Dem’s 
achievements at the election were notable but 
they didn’t win the popular vote, the 
Conservatives out-polled them”. In opposition it 
will be our duty to scrutinise proposals from 
them and their Independent coalition partners 
to ensure that future policies continue to be in 
the best interests of all Arun residents not just 
individual wards or narrow sectional interests. 
He continued, “they have the most seats, 
but not the most votes, they should  consider 
this seriously when governing.”

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