Monday, 24 June 2019

Paul Dendle Arundel and Walberton Ward Councillor : Green future for Arun?

Paul Dendle Arundel and Walberton Ward Councillor : Green future for Arun?: Green blue. Arun met for the first full council on the 16th of May, the coalition is now formed, made up of 22 Lib...

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Conservatives call for Pagham flooding protection to continue

Pagham Coastal problems.

The Conservatives on Arun District Council have 
warned not to abandon coastal defences following 
comments from the Liberal Democrats which apparently
did not contradict an officer when he said that we may
not defend parts of the coast .

In a worrying sign, When it came to protecting the coast, 
Roger Spencer engineering services manager warned: 
“We can’t keep on building higher and stronger walls. We’ve got to change our ethos in how we defend the coast.
declared “It may be the case that we don’t 
defend certain parts of the coast.” Arun Conservatives, 
who have worked hard on Arun’s coastal defences over 
decades, in particular in Pagham, urgently call on the 
Liberal Democrats to explain what their plans mean for 

In recent years, the Conservative have worked on Pagham 
to protect homes as part of Arun’s coastal defence programme. 
However, the Liberal Democrats have indicated that they aren’t 
willing to defend homes and businesses on the front-line of 
our coast.

Cllr Shaun Gunner, Conservative spokesman for Technical 
Services, whose portfolio includes coastal defences, 
said “I think many residents will be deeply concerned by 
the lack of Liberal Democrats’ support for Pagham. 
Our coast is an integral part of our economy, our culture and our 
way of life, and the Liberal Democrats are not saying they will
 defend it. 

What does that mean for residents? Should residents in Pagham 
expect that their council won’t protect their homes? 
What about our beaches and businesses? I think there are 
big questions to answer about what this council’s approach 
is to safeguarding people’s homes and livelihoods.”

The Conservative Group on Arun District Council urgently 
call on the Liberal Democrats to clarify what this means for