Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Arun Tax Payers pay for Cllr Opplers election promise

Bognor Sea Front.

The name Pavilion Park may be a mystery for 
many Arun residents, It was a development that 
consultation was committed to by the previous 
Conservative administration in Bognor Regis.

Over £300,000 was put aside and consultants 
engaged to take consultation forward, the price 
was high because the consultation was feeding 
into a future planning application and to go ahead 
it had to be proved that there was public support 
to move forward.

The election in May changed everything, The Lib 
Dem’s campaigned on stopping Pavilion Park in 
their election and also claim that they did surveys 
to glean public opinion, no facts or figures have 
been produced on this claim.

Immediately on being elected and forming the 
coalition, the LibDems made the decision to cancel 
the project behind closed doors, the only issue was 
the £329,000 that had been already committed to 
the consultation.

On a recent slightly farcical Cabinet meeting 
Francis Oppler claimed that he knew the opinion of 
the residents of Bognor because he had done a 
survey, he refuses to share this information with the 
public or other Councillors.

I have have no opinion on the project, I don’t know 
what the majority of Greater Bognor thinks regarding 
the project, but feel as taxpayers have already paid 
for the the consultation that the consultation should 
still go ahead or be modified to take into effect other 
options.  EG the last thing we want is to waste the 
£329k, we might as well get some value from it.

The Lib Dem’s have steadfastly refused this, all Aruns 
Tax Payers have paid for this consultation, so all Aruns 
tax payers have an opinion on the LibDems decision 

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Conservatives landmark motion to ensure Aruns Housing is Green

The Conservative group put a motion to Full 
Council last night which was ground breaking, 
we agreed to an amendment to that motion as
a compromise to get the motion through,

The motion was Initiated councillor Paul
Dendle and Seconded by Shaun Gunner. 

Cllr Paul Dendle the Conservative 
spokesperson on the economy said  "This 
transforms the Councils position on New 
Houses and also gives a means to 
re-engineer  existing housing."

Aruns leader Terry Chapman says "The devil 
will be in the detail, but we will work 
to ensure that the motion  is implemented in 
a value for money fashion, ensuring  the 
residents of Arun get the best value."

The motion says the following:-

This Council supports the principle of 
developing supplementary planning guidance 
to improve the level of sustainability of all 
developments in comparison to the current 

Officers are asked to prepare a report for the 
consideration of the Planning Policy Sub 
Committee on how this might be achieved 
including reference to the following, and the 
likely costs and benefits thereof. 

Guidance on renewable energy (both passive 
& active) for individual homes.

Improved standards for insulation, heat 
recovery and water usage.

Guidance for community renewable energy 

Guidance on designs for waste/recycling 
storage facilities.

Guidance on the planting of woodland which 
can be both a mitigating and resilience action 
in terms of carbon sequestration and reducing 
the rate of surface water run - off and thereby 
reducing the flooding impact of severe rainfall.

Improved and more rigorous standards for the 
prevention of flooding.

The Sub Committee is also asked to make 
recommendations as to whether Arun DC should 
look at declaring a Climate Change Emergency 
and the implications of creating a framework for 
moving towards a Carbon Neutral District and 
whether the Council should consider engaging 
the services of an energy agency to provide 
community retrofit advice and support and 
explore the potential retro-fitting of solar panels 
on all appropriate Council assets.