Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Lack of Action by Arun LibDem Cabinet Members

LibDems in happier times.
It’s now been over 4 weeks since lockdown and the public have heard very little from Arun Cabinet members despite the District and the UK being in one of the most serious crises since the Second World War.

There has been an exception, one Cabinet Member has issued a monthly report and this has been excellent, its informative, she engages and by contrast is shaming her six other colleagues.

We really need to hear from her colleagues and we call for monthly Cabinet member reports that are issued to us as Councillors and to the general public

We know the LibDems are not keen on the system they inherited, but the system has worked and delivered when the Conservatives held power.

The Council delivered on many worthwhile projects like the Wave, The Leisure contract, Affordable housing and a general improvement with customer satisfaction at over 80% when we were in power.

So the question every resident and tax payer of Arun should be asking is why have the Arun Cabinet been so quiet?  Why are they resisting Virtual Scrutiny meetings? Why have they not set up a Community Hub like other Districts and Boroughs in West Sussex.  We all understand that criticism has to be constructive in this time of crisis, but organisations have to deliver for their residents.

Aruns Conservatives have some good ideas and advice to give, but despite many calls to engage with us the administration have stubbornly refused any offers of help. 

Friday, 3 April 2020

Call for Unity Council at Arun District

Arun Conservative Group have reacted to the call from Jan Cosgrove that Arun Council should form a Unity Administration to deal with the Coronavirus Emergency.

Jan Cosgrove has started a petition on for residents to sign up to and this is garnering slow but steady support from local residents.

Terry Chapman Conservative Group leader, commented. “These are extraordinary times and it at this time of national emergency there is a requirement for extraordinary measures”

“For the sake of residents all Councillors should come together, We, as the largest party, would be willing to join a unity administration and add our resource and expertise to ensure continuity of services to all the residents of the District.

“I ask that all councillors come together and put aside party differences and deliver for the people of Arun in these difficult times”

Sign the petition.